Three Things to Know About DIY Home Improvement

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If you can master the principles of DIY projects below, your project will be a success before you even begin. The principles range from design principles to safety. The common thread is thinking ahead, planning, and playing with a winning strategy. Being autonomous and self-reliant is one of the best skills you can cultivate as a homeowner. Acquiring these skills means balancing the following tips. Let’s take a look at each one: economy of means, recycling, research, and wellbeing for you and your home.

Find Economy Of Means

‘KISS’, or ‘keep it simple stupid’. This is a basic design premise followed by those who possess an extraordinary range of skills and those possess very little alike.

Use skills and resources within your means. Don’t conceive of a project so complicated, expensive, or time consuming it is completely unreasonable. Take a look in your attic, for example. Spend time analyzing inventory of various raw materials at your disposal. Allow these materials to guide your DIY project.

Upcycle The World

The planet needs relief, and so does your pocket book. Upcycling, or recycling, materials for DIY projects around the house is all the rage. The internet has no shortage of examples of this trend far and wide.

One popular upcycling idea is the process of reclaiming wood boards, then using them as siding for a home. By mixing and matching kinds of wood according to color, size, and grain pattern, do-it-yourself masters have created a stunning array of beautiful home exteriors.

Do Your Homework

If you want to do a right yourself right, focus and do some research before you begin. Don’t believe everything you read. Contrast and compare disparate advice on projects similar to the one you envision.

Look online, but also browse do-it-yourself sections at new and especially used bookstores. Don’t be afraid to ask people with more experience. How do you think they learned? They asked questions.

Being a good student when it comes to DIY home improvement all comes down to willingness to learn.

Remember ‘Safety First’

Last, but not least, safety should always come first. Never forget to think through possible harm any project could bring to yourself, your loved ones, or your home.

You want to have a well-stocked first aid kit and emergency numbers handy before starting. If possible, always work with a partner as well. Part of your pre-project planning must include securing a home warranty. Any DIY project beyond something simple like hanging curtains should begin with a home warranty review, or getting one if you don’t have one already.

The main thing to consider when selecting the right home warranty provider is by looking into which companies are considered “warranty leaders”. Companies like AHS are good markers to measure various warranty leaders in the industry. Check out their website at

Be smart, be safe, be thrifty, and above all think ahead. Once you have mastered these principles, pass them along to a friend. Help cultivate a talented world of do-it-yourself communities.

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